• Smoked sprats in wheat- and rye bread sandwich

    Slices of whole wheat- and rye bread, brushed with a bit of the oil from the can, and grilled.
    Small green salad leaves, sliced cherry tomatoes and thin twirls of lemon zest. FANGST smoked sprats (no. 1 or 2)
  • Salted sprat on lettuce and egg

    Crispbread, rye- or whole wheat crackers.
    A leaf of letucce and slices of hard boiled egg. FANGST lightly salted sprats (no. 4) Garnished with capers and cress.
    Lemon on the side.
  • Limfjord cockles on toast with tomatoes

    A thick slice of toasted whole wheat bread.
    Topped with a spread of mayonnaise.
    Slices of cherry tomatoes, spring and red onion.
    Caper berries and FANGST cockles.
  • Smoked mussels on crispbread with pickled red onion

    FANGST smoked blue mussels (no. 2), topped with thinly sliced spring onion and cress. Pickled red onion (2 finely sliced red onions cooked 1 min. in 2 oz vinegar, 2 oz sugar and a pinch of salt. 
    Chilled). Mayonnaise, grilled lemon, and crispbread.


Sune is based on the island Bornholm in the Baltic Sea. He is an experienced chef and author of price winning cook books. Sune is particularly good at finding and using the best Nordic ingredients, and we are happy that he will share his simple and easy serving suggestions with canned seafood from FANGST. 

Download his serving suggestions here