FANGST is Scandinavian for ‘catch’ – and is the name of our small company. We are rooted in Nordic nature and food culture.

It is our mission to make tasty meals and snacks from what we catch, harvest and hunt. In waters, fields, and forests of the North. With respect for nature and gastronomic craftsmanship. Preserved and ready to serve.

We are inspired by the prehistoric ‘fisher-hunter-gatherers’ who lived of nature’s offerings. It was surely a hard life with periods of hunger and worries about the next meal. So, we are glad to be living in times with plenty of food and comfort (for most of us…). And we recognize that sustainable farming is necessary to supplement foods from the Wild.

However, in human striving to liberate ourselves from the tough living conditions of the wild, we have also lost something. We have learned how to efficiently farm almost every inch of the Earth, to make foods that are not all healthy for us. We live busy lives with tight work schedules to make money for things we may not really need. And along the way we have lost connection to and respect for nature….

Let’s take a few steps back. Eat more of the simple foods that nature offers, and less of the highly processed foods. More seafood and plants, and less meat. And let’s take the time to share a good meal without stress. Around the fireplace or the dinner table…

This is our contribution to the meal:

FANGST is our catch of fish and shellfish from waters of the North. Preserved in cans.

HØST is our harvest of plants, made into organic spreads, mayos, pickles and crispbread.

VILDT will be (not ready yet!) pates with meat from wild nature and sustainable farms (yes, we believe it is ok with a little meat in a balanced diet…).