Limfjord cockles on toast with tomatoes

Limfjord cockles on toast with tomatoes - FANGST
A thick slice of toasted whole wheat bread.
Topped with a spread of mayonnaise.
Slices of cherry tomatoes, spring and red onion.
Caper berries and FANGST cockles.


En god skive grillet hvedebrød.
Et lag mayonnaise smurt oven på.
Skiver af cherrytomater, forårs- og rødløg. Kapersbær og FANGST hjertemuslinger.

About Sune Rasborg

Sune Rasborg, based on the island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea, is a renowned chef and author of award-winning cookbooks. With a keen eye for the best in Nordic cuisine, Sune ensures that each recipe builds on the region's culinary heritage. His passion for using top-notch, locally sourced ingredients aligns perfectly with FANGST's commitment to the same.

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