Nordic style tapas no. 1

Nordic style tapas no. 1 - FANGST

Create your own Nordic style tapas with:

FANGST Salmon with sea buckthorn.
FANGST Smoked Nordic sardines.
HØST Mayo with mushrooms.
HØST Beetroot spread with horseradish.
HØST Pickled fennel with dill.
HØST Crispbread with rye, oat, and seaweed.

... Or any other combination of FANGST cans and HØST jars.

Serving Suggestion

Just open the cans and jars. Serve with the crisp bread on the side. Combine however you like, or try these combinations:

  • Crisp bread with beetroot spread, salmon, and a topping of pickled fennel.
  • Crisp bread with mushroom mayo and smoked Nordic sardines.

Maybe add some more bread or a fresh salad, depending on your appetite...