Nordic style tapas no. 2

Nordic style tapas no. 2 - FANGST

Create your own Nordic style tapas with:

FANGST Flash-grilled salmon.
FANGST Smoked herring with ramson.
HØST Mayo with sea buckthorn.
HØST Mustard-dill spread.
HØST Pickled red onion with rose pepper.
HØST Crispbread with rye, oat and seaweed.

Or any other combination of FANGST cans and HØST jars.

Serving Suggestion:

Just open the cans and jars.
Serve with the crisp bread on the side.
Combine however you like, or try these combinations:
Crisp bread with sea buckthorn mayo and flash-grilled salmon.
Crisp bread with mustard-dill spread, smoked herring and a topping of pickled onions.

Maybe add some more bread, or a fresh salad, depending on your appetite...